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I am not a politician, I am not a radical, I am not interested in upsetting you - I just want to ruffle your feathers and make you ...think! So cool down!

Always look twice. Differently! -Bonhiem

Posted: March 11, 2011
This is a day never ever to forget: The day the ocean attempted to swallow Japan. This day will always be known as Japan's great disaster of 2011. First the biggest earthquake in Japan's recorded history, followed by Japan's biggest tsunami, then the nuclear disaster, then the blizzard. What's next? I visited this part of Japan in January 2009. It is known among the Japanese as one of the 3 most beautiful parts of Japan. It now has become a disaster zone. My heart goes out to the Japanese people who suffered so much. Now, one may say this is the ocean's lets stop killing the whales and depleting the fish from the sea. And this does not just apply to Japan, it applies to Taiwan, China and others (for destroying the ocean's wild life), and Iceland, Norway and others for killing the whales. Lets start respecting our planet - or it will take more revenge.

Posted: April 18, 2008
Where I live, Hong Kong, people love to eat shark's fin soup. Its a delicacy and people will pay big money for this. Many know that this is devastating the shark population, but they refuse to change their habits, as shark's fin soup is part of their culture. Up in Japan, eating whales is also part of their culture, so those people can't agree on stop killing of the whales. Down in Africa, the average family size is 9 children, often with no food to feed them - having tens of children is part of their culture. Isn't it time people change their culture to adapt to modern times!! Should I be insisting on using my wood fire in Hong Kong because its my African culture? NO...I have to adapt to modern times - simple! Ain't it? Look around you and adjust your culture to the fragile world we're calling "home".