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Greenland - Land of Ice

For more of Greenland's Kulusuk settlement, see the July 2014 issue of Globerovers Magazine.

Greenland, an island of ice, has a coastline (39,330 km) about the same length as the Earth's circumference at the equator. The highest point is at 3,859 meter while the majority of this island is under 1,500 metres elevation. While most of Greenland is covered in a massive ice sheet, most of the extreme northern part is strangely enough not covered by any ice as the air is way too dry to produce any significant snow falls. Know what...if Greenland's ice sheet were to melt away completely, the world's sea level would rise by more than 7 meter and what will remain of Greenland is just a few thousand islands.... and what will remain of some countries and many islands around the world... is nothing! Now this, and many more facts always fascinated me about this massive icy island. Nice thing is, in the summer months, the peripheral area of mostly islands, are green, sunny, and even warm.

In September 2009 I took a smallish twin prop plane from Reykjavik, Island, for the 2-hour flight
to Kulusuk, one of the tiny settlements on the eastern side of Greenland. (Un)fortunately Greenland is not ready for tourists. While there is so much to see, its almost impossible to reach these places with your own (legs) transport. You need a helicopter, boat, and Greenlandic dogs (a type of husky). All are available but come at a very dear price (in Danish Kronen). Locals have the impression that tourists have tons of money and charges 30 Euro for a 20 min boat ride just from one island to another. A 12 minute heli ride is 200 Euro.

Kulusuk and its surroundings offer much to see. Fresh fresh air, beautiful mountains, icebergs, fresh wild blackberries, birds, and the local Inuit people. Greenland to me was without a doubt, one of my most amazing experiences!

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