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Hong Kong - The City of Life

If I were to rank the top 5 most beautiful cities I have been to in terms of natural setting, it would be: 1) Rio de Janeiro 2) Hong Kong 3) Cape Town 4) Vancouver 5) Quito.

Hong Kong not only has an amazing natural setting, it ranks number one in the world on "the most impressive sky-scraper-line! Its has 12,000 restaurants, 500,000+ stores, and the most amazing thing is - we have no thugs, no scum, and no criminals! You could walk the streets any time of the day or night - anywhere - with all your jewelery and cameras hanging from your neck and you will be safe! This is also the city with the least red-tape to set up and run a business, low taxes, and billions of dollars in trade every day! I just love Hong Kong!

This first pic is not mine (and I don't know who took it), but its a lovely pic of Hong Kong

Lots more to come about Hong Kong soooooon