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Vanuatu (van-WAH-too) means "our land" and the locals call themselves the Ni-Vanuatu peopleBefore the 1980 independence from the UK and France, this group of 83 islands were called the New Hebrides, a name given by explorer, Commander James Cook.

Although Vanuatu has three official languages (English, French, Bislama), there at least 105 distinct traditional languages! Vanuatu is known in particular for the following:
  • The very friendly Ni-Vanuatu people
  • Active Volcano of Mount Asur on the southern island of Tanna
  • The active volcanoes on Ambrym Island
  • Land diving on the Island of Pentecost
  • Visiting the local villages where time has stand still for many years and where cases of Cannibalism still occurred until 19856.
  • Excellent scuba diving, in particular ship wreck diving.

Smoke after each huge explosion of Mount Asur

A mother bathing her kids at the base of the roaring volcano

An exploding Mount Asur

Ekasup Village boy

Ekasup Village chief

Ekasup Village warrior

Ekasup Village boy with his mom

Ekasup Village warriors

Yakel tribe warming up in the morning sun

The afternoon ritual dance

The afternoon ritual dance

Most live in houses built on stilts high above the ground

Checking for insects?

Girls in traditional dress

Youngsters posing for a picture

Posing for the White Ghost!

The village-protecting tree fern figures

The lounge

My chalet on Tanna Island

Wild pig morning kill

Note how soon after each other these missionary's babies died.

Village on Tanna Island

1. Checking up on Mount Yasur Volcano
2. Visit active volcanoes on Ambrym Island
3. Scuba diving on Santo Island in the north
4. Attend the early April land diving ceremonies (called naghol) on Pentecost Island