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  • GlobeRovers Rating: 6 / 10
  • Buzz Line: "Sealed in a Soviet Time Capsule"
  • Eagle Eye: Declared itself sovereign from the USSR on 27th July 1990 and attained Independence in 1991. Since 1994 ruled by the communist iron fist of Alexander Lukashenko. Interesting to see life here, with many wonderful people! Minsk is one of the cleanest - and most Soviet - cities in the world where you can check out the resident circus or an opera or symphony in stately venues for as little as US$2
  • Hot Spots: Minsk and its culture, countryside and towns such as Grodna, Mir and Nyesvizh
  • The Low-down: Arranging private accommodation is key - everywhere in Belarus!
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Russian singer, Grodno

Old Lady at Church of St. Aleksandr Nevsky, Minsk

Holy Spirit Cathedral, Minsk

Soldier at Victory Obelisk, Minsk

Men's Toilets in Palats Republiki, Minsk

Around Metro Station next to Victory Obelisk, Minsk

KGB Headquarters, Minsk

Circus building, Minsk

St Boris and Gleb’s (Borissoglebskaya or Kolozhskaya)
Orthodox Church, Grodno

Nun at the Moscow Patriarcal Church, Grodno

Palats Republiki, Minsk

Museum of Great Patriotic War, Minsk

Trade Union's Culture Palace, Minsk

Belorussian Government Building, Minsk

Catholic Church of St. Simon and Helena, Minsk

Mirski Zamak (Mir Castle), Mir

Orthodox Church, Mir

Typical Stalinist wall memorial on buildings, Minsk

Train from Vilnius, Lithuania to Minsk, Belarus

Men's chocs - means for men only! Minsk

Typical Convenience Store, Minsk

Some real nice Belorussian people
(the two guys on the right are visiting from Lithuania).