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  • GlobeRovers Rating: 6 / 10
  • Buzz Line: "War is stupid, and people are stupid" Remember this Culture Club song?
  • Eagle Eye: Mostar and Sarajevo and the remaining evidence of their recent violent history could drive you to tears! Locals recon "all were guilty and everybody was fighting everybody".
  • Hot Spots: Mostar and Sarajevo
  • The Low-down: Spend quiet moments walking around the many graveyards where most tomb stones indicate 1993 as date of death.
  • GlobeRovers Blog:Report 1, Report 2

One of the many war graveyards. 
All young men who were killed by the Serbians in 1993.  Sarajevo

War Graveyard, Sarajevo

War Graveyard, Sarajevo

Along the Neretva River, Mostar

The original 16th Century Stari Most bridge destroyed
by the war in 1993. Rebuilt in 2004, Mostar

Stari Most, Mostar

War torn town of Mostar

Walking across the Stari Most, Mostar

Man sitting in the early morning sun,
Market of Bascarsija (Turkish Area), Sarajevo

Another one of the many war
ravaged buildings, Mostar

Cevapcici, the national food of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina