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  • GlobeRovers Rating: 10 /10
  • Buzz Line: "One of the most diverse destinations on earth"
  • Eagle Eye: Beautiful people, beautiful beaches, beautiful animals - an awesome country
  • Hot Spots: Rio, Bahia (Salvador etc.), Ile Grande, the Pantanal swamps, the Amazon
  • The Low-down: Stay with a local farming family deep inside the Pantanal swamps surrounded by 3.7 million caymans, 430,000 capybaras, 5,000 Ant-eaters - the night walks are ..fearsome...awesome!
  • GlobeRovers Blog: Report 1, Report 2, Report 3, Report 4, Report 5,
    Report 6, Report 7

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian kids enjoying the warm waters near Arraial D´Ajuda, northern Brazil

High above: Ipanema Beach (L), Copacabana (C),
Rio de Janeiro

Corcovado Mountain from Sugarloaf at sunset,
Rio de Janeiro

Pelourinho, Salvador da Bahia

Iguazu Waterfalls on Brazilian size

Warming up for Carnival Club 2006,
Rio de Janeiro

Barra beach, Salvador da Bahia

Boy at the Pantanal swamps

At the Pantanal swamps

View of Rio from Corcovado mountain, Rio de Janeiro

Blue & Gold Macaws

Pelourinho, Salvador da Bahia

Pelourinho, Salvador da Bahia

Blue-fronted Parrot, Pantanal swamps

Pelourinho, Salvador da Bahia

Brazilian Cowboy, Pantanal

My accommodation in the Pantanal swamps

Other peoples photos