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  • GlobeRovers Rating: 9 / 10
  • Buzz Line: "The most amazing people I have ever met!"
  • Eagle Eye: Caspian Sea and mountain villages in the north, desert in the east and central
  • Hot Spots: Caspian Sea, northern mountain villages, Isfahan (or Esfahan), Yazd, desert oases and salt lakes in east, Shiraz, Kerman and Bam in the southeast Ghashghai (Qashqai) communities in south - all over is amazing!
  • The Low-down: Mix and mingle with the locals and accept personal invitations. I have been to Iran in March 2007 and again in February 2013 and I'm blown away by the hospitality of the people.  While dancing and the consumption of alcohol is outlawed (even in the privacy of your home), don't be fooled by the government laws - the Iranians know how to drink and dance and more!  Go and enjoy Iran. It just may be the greatest place you have ever visited!
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Amir Chakhmagh Mosque, Yazd

Amir Chakhmagh Mosque, Yazd

Khaju Bridge, Isfahan

Government Buildings near National Museum, Tehran

 Palace of Xerxes, Persepolis, Iran

Si-o-Seh Pol (Bridge), Isfahan

Mud village of Kharanaq, Central Iran

Salt Flats north of Garmeh, Central Iran

Oasis town of Garmeh, Central Iran

Camels in front of Ateshoni Guest House,Oasis of Garmeh

Camels in front of Ateshoni Guest House,Oasis of Garmeh, Central Iran

Badgirs (wind towers), Yazd
 (used to cool the houses)

Palace of Xerxes, Persepoli

Girl with her daddy (I presume), Persepolis

Nomadic Ghashghai (Qashqai) woman
near Firuz, South of Shiraz

Nomadic Ghashghai (Qashqai) man
near Firuz, South of Shiraz

Me with the nomadic Ghashghai (Qashqai) people
near Firuz, South of Shiraz

Nomadic Ghashghai (Qashqai) lady
near Firuz, South of Shiraz

Nomadic Ghashghai (Qashqai) people
 and their sheep and goats

Around Chak Chak, Central Iran

Around the "US Den of Spies"
(former Embassy), Tehran

US$100 of Iranian Rial
(Biggest note is worth US$2)

Men in the front, women in the back
Inside public bus, Isfahan
....what am I doing in the back (I could be locked up for this!)