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My Place of Birth

I was born in a brand new farm house in South Africa...a house which still stands strongly more than 45 years after my Dad built it (see the green-roof building in the maps below - south of the yellow pin. Name of our farm: Uitsig (meaning "Lookout" being perched on a hill).

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon on Feb 6th, the local midwife rushed over to help me pop out into the world
at exactly 2:15pm. By candle light I saw the first light...which was...candle light...yeah. On this farm I grew up with the freshest air, fruits, meats, veggies - all grown on our farm. I grew up along my local friends - blacks, whites, and the rest....and for the first 12 years - no running water, no electricity, and no TV. My pets were dogs, cats, iguanas, wild doves, hedge hogs, pigs, dead snakes in bottles (enforced by my crazy bro)...and of course my favourite - the chameleon. I was ploughing the lands with our Ford tractor since my 12th birthday and was often behind the huge steering wheel of our big big Chevy truck.

I left South Africa in 1988 for Canada and in 1996 I moved to Hong Kong - which I fell in love with!

Well....that was South Africa then...on a doomed path of racial separation (apartheid)...politicians not having a better solution on hand. Yet, it was relatively a very peaceful country. The "New South Africa", since Nelson Mandela left the building, has been on a doomed path in another director. A path of apartheid-in-reverse, government corruption, and has become the capital of murders, baby rapes (some blacks believe it will make you immune to AIDS) and a string of heinous crimes while the world's media is turning a blind eye...pretending in the "New South Africa" - all is well. It ain't. Its a genocide in the making! A small minority of blacks have declared whites as "one 'settler' one bullet". Brutal killings are happening as we speak. Face it, this is Africa - life has very little value.

Which ever way you see is brutal.....since the early beginnings...and sure beyond your lifetime! Count your blessing and...Walk Tall...keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars.