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Route Round The World 2005-7 Map

From April 2005 to July 2007 I traveled 2.5 times around the world and several side-trips. I explored 65 countries (went through country borders 210 times as some countries I visited a few times) and traveled almost 238,000 km - that is 6 times around planet earth (along the equator). wonder I need a few months of rest before embarking on new adventures!
Since 1980 to November 2007, I have logged 2,190 hours of flying....about 90% in Economy Class...ouch! Brutal!..though more comfortable than the tens and tens of hours on Chicken busses in Asia and Central / South America!

Below a map of some places I have visited so far in my life. (The green dots in Central Asia are places I have not yet visited...but dying to explore ASAP)