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My Books

I have done ten glossy colourful books and thee magazines so far and a few more are coming up soon... when I get time on weekends.

To purchase, go to my publisher's website (BLURB): 
Books and the magazine are available in print as well as ebooks. 

Globerovers Magazine vol 2, no 2 December 2014 (232 page full colour with text)

In this 5th issue of Globerovers Magazine the feature article is Northern Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan. Other articles are Kiev in Ukraine, Gran Canaria of the Canary Islands, Sweden’s Ice Hotel, as well as photo essays of Nepal’s Architectural Marvels, Syria Without a Civil War, Russia’s Veliky Novgorod, Papua New Guinea's Sing-Sing Festival, and many other interesting stuff! 
Cover: Minapun Glacier, Gilgit-Baltistan, northern Pakistan

Globerovers Magazine vol 2, no 2 December 2014 (232 page full colour with text)

This 4rd edition of Globerovers Magazine will be available on November 15, 2015. As the "essential list of must-do destinations for the intrepid traveller" it lists and described 50 most exhilarating places to go and explore in 2015. Rankined according to 10 selective criteria, the top ranking destination is Bolivia's "Salar de Uyun", followed by Ecuador's Galápagos Islands, dog sledding & polar bear spotting in Svalbard (gateway to the North Pole), Nepal's Himalayas, and Goifulhafehendhu Atoll at the Maldive Islands. Rounding up the top 10 are destinations are in Argentina, Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, and Jordan. All 50 destinations have been personally experienced and evaluated by our own Editor-in-Chief, Peter Steyn :). On November 15, 2014, visit our bookstore to BUY the latest Globerovers Magazine.
Cover: Andean Flamingoes, Laguna Colorado, near Uyuni Salt Flats, Southern Bolivia

Globerovers Magazine vol 2, no 1 July 2014 (168-page full colour with text)

This 3rd edition of Globerovers Magazine is now available and covers some challenging destinations for the intrepid traveler. The Feature Article is a journey through Central Asian countries including Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and western China's Uyghur province of Xinjiang - which obviously belongs to Central Asia and not to China! Ten other destinations are presented, while the Adventure Report goes all the way to Svalbard - gateway to the north pole - in search of the elusive polar bear in the dead of winter!
Cover: Horse and yurts on a jailoo near Jedi-Oguz, Kyrgystan

Globerovers Magazine vol 1, no 2 Dec. 2013 (208-page full colour with text)

This 2nd edition of Globerovers Magazine is a Special Edition focused on portraits from Yemen, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Iran, Tibet, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Syria, Turkey, and China.
Cover: Lady living in the "beehive houses" in the Village of Twalid Dabaghein, Syria 

Globerovers Magazine vol 1, no 1 July 2013 (160-page full colour with text)

This inaugural issue in the upcoming series of colourful glossy magazines has "Iran - Persian Colours" as its feature article. Other articles cover Iceland, Myanmar, India, China, Ecuador, Tibet, Nepal, Japan, and an adventure report of climbing active Volcán Concepción in Nicaragua. 
Cover: Interiors of the Madraseh-ye Chahar Bagh, Esfahan, Iran

Iran · Persian Colours July 2013 (440-page full colour, hard-cover)

Iran is misunderstood by most people. Lets look beyond the politics and get to know more about Iran and its people. Previously known as Persia, Iran has a very long, colourful and quite flamboyant history which is evident by its ancient ruins of castles and fortresses, its well preserved historical Persian mansions, mosques, mausoleums, caravanserais, bathhouses, and bazaars. This 440-page colourful hard-cover book was compiled from photos taken during trips in April 2007 and January 2013 and covers a large portion of Iran from the southwest and southeast all the way up to the northeast and along the Caspian Sea. The final copy will be available to order in July 2013. 
Cover: A nomadic Qashqai lady boiling goats 
milk in the fields near Firuz, south of Shiraz

India - The Kerala Way May 2013 (215-page full colour, hard-cover)

Explore one of India's most amazing regions - The Kerala State in south western India along the Malabar coast. The books starts with a look at the historical town of Kochi and then move up to the Western Ghats mountain range to the tea and cardamom plantations of Munnar, the south to Kumily, Thekkady, and the Periyar Tiger Reserve. The town of Alappuzha along the coast is the gateway to a few days houseboating on the Kerala Backwaters before moving south to the tranquil Varkala Beach. Order your copy of this colourful 215-page book and indulge yourself into the Kerala Way of life. 

Incredible Destinations - Nov. 2011 (440-page full colour, hard-cover)

A compilation of the 120 most incredible destinations across 80 countries, including countries such as Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Iceland, Greenland, Oman, Iran, Azerbaijan, Romania, Ukraine, Finland, Canary Islands, Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, Laos, Borneo Island, Japan, and many more.
Cover: City of Shibam, Hadhramaut Valley, Yemen

Wildlife - October 2011 (360-page full colour, hard-cover)

Wildlife in their natural habitats across 27 countries including Alaska (USA), Argentina, Bolivia, Borneo Island, Costa Rica, Galapagos Islands, Greenland, Iceland, South Africa and many more.
Cover: Zebras, Leeupoort, South Africa

Frozen Zone - May 2011 (440-page full colour, hard-cover)

A world of snow and ice, it covers frozen destinations including Svalbard (near the north pole), Lapland (northern Finland, Sweden, Norway), Greenland, Iceland, northern Japan, Himalayas (Mount Everest) of Nepal, Alaska, southern Argentina, etc.
Cover: Tancho Cranes of Kusshiro Marshes, Hokkaido, Japan

Bangladesh - January 2011 (440-page, In Sepia, hard-cover)

A journey through Bangladesh presented in colorless photos (in sepia) places our focus on the suffering and smiles of the amazing Bangladeshi people.
Cover: Chittagong Ship Breaking Yards

Burma - Land of Tambadipa - December 2010 (440-page full colour hard-cover)

Colors abound across this great land of Burma. Small tribal communities along peaceful lakes and along mighty rivers. This journey covers Inle Lake, a slow train ride to the far north, and a 24-hour boat ride on the Ayeyarwady river to the ancient temples of Bagan.
Cover: Thatbyinnyu Patho, Bagan

Seven Ages of Man - January 2010 (225-page full colour hard-cover)

From the young to the very old. Portraits from around the world come alive in this book that portrays the seven stages of our lives.
Cover: Syrian beehive lady of the desert

Crossing Borders - A race against time - March 2009 (340-page full colour hard-cover). The second edition (July 2011) now has 440 pages)

So many places to visit; so little time. This is a collection of some of the greatest destinations across 72 countries.
Cover: Salt lake of Uyuni, Bolivia

Unveiling Our Enigmatic World: The earthly explorations of "Globerovers" - December 2008 (340-page full colour hard-cover)
Cover: Kazbeki, northern Georgia near Russian border

Coming soon:

"Random Faces in Far Away Places (2013)
"In the sand prints of Freya Stark - An Arabian Odyssey" (2014)
"Hong Kong - Then and Now (2014)