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Yunnan province of China

The Chinese province of Yunnan lies in the south to south-west of China bordering Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Tibet. Yunnan is famous for it's Tibetan villages and majestic mountains in the north and tropical jungles in the south. I explored the northern part of this region in May 2012.

The town of Lijiang has a history going back more than 800 years and dates from the days of the trade along the old tea horse road. The old town is famous for its system of waterways and bridges, and its Naxi ethnic minority people.

Black Dragon Pool, Lijiang

Naxi orchestra in Dayan Naxi concert hall, Lijiang.
Several of these musicians are over 80.

The "Lijiang Impressions" show at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The outdoor theater is at 3500 meter with the mountain as a spectacular backdrop. Directed by the famous Chinese film director Zhang Yimou who co-directed the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games.

The Jade Dragon mountains

A glacier in the Jade Dragon mountains

The hiking path along the Leaping Tiger Gorge.
One of the greatest hikes in this region.

The ancient town of Zhongdian (aka. Shangri-la)

The ancient town of Zhongdian

The ancient town of Zhongdian

A temple in Zhongdian

A Tibetan girl in the town of Deqin, northern Yunnan

A Tibetan boy in the village of Yubeng, northern Yunnan

The village of Yubeng, northern Yunnan

The village of Yubeng

The village of Yubeng

Driving in northern Yunnan on a snowy day in May 2012. One of the more scary trips I have taken in my life as the road has few barriers to stop vehicles from rolling down very deep gorges!

I typical Tibetan door

A Tibetan old lady

Tibetan momos