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Myanmar's Mon State

Posted: January 6, 2013
The first time I visited Myanmar (Burma) was in July 2006 and at that time I promised myself that I will be back very soon. Well, it took me almost 7 years to return. This time I promised that I will be back in less than a year!  Myanmar has grabbed the title of "Land of Smiles (LOS)" from Thailand as this must be the friendliest country I have ever visited. While I found in my recent trip more tourists than back in 2006, tourists are still scares, in particular in the areas I just visited. My January 2013 trip started in the capital Yangon, from where I took a crazy 13-hour train ride to Mawlamyine towards the south east from where I explored the areas as far south as Sat Se Beach. From Mawlamyine I traveled by boat north to Hpa-An where I stayed a few days and then headed northwest to the Golden Rock near Kyaikhto. After a tough mountain climb I went east to the interesting town of Bago and then back to Yangon.  READ MORE...