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Iran: From south-east to north-west

Posted: February 2, 2013
My first visit to Iran was in March 2007 when I visited Tehran and then south to areas around Esfahan, Shiraz and the desert areas of Yazd. It was a great trip and I couldn't wait to return. So I did! In February 2013 I flew back to Tehran and then took Mahan Airlines southeast to Kerman where my Iranian friends awaited my arrival. The first few days were spent in and around Kerman followed by a train trip further southeast to the desert town of Bam. From Bam I went back to Kerman and then up to Kashan for a few days. Back to Tehran where I took the overnight train to Tabriz in the far northwest, then along the Caspian Sea to the mountain village of Masuleh. Back in Tehran I stocked up on nuts, dates, figs, leather shoes & belts, and a lovely Persian carpet. Hope to be back in Iran to explore the western provinces along the Iraq border, and the north east along Turkmenistan and Afghanistan.   READ MORE...