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Jailoos and snow-capped mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Posted: Aug 15, 2013
Landlocked and mountainous, Kyrgyzstan is unquestionably the star of Central Asia. A bloody revolution in early 2010 overthrew the former president and the country seems to enjoy stability now. The Russians are long gone and the local Kyrgyz people are extremely hospitable. Markets are stuffed with interesting merchandise from around Central Asia, as well as local foods and fruits such as berries, peaches, grapes, and succulent figs. Head to the jailoos (meadows) along the lakes such as Song-kul and Issyk-kul and stay in a yurt owned by a local family. Get  your horse named "Baby" and gallop into the hills and along the snow capped mountains. Pack your tent, sleeping bag, food and gas-stove and head into the mountains for a multi-day hike to a glacier in the Tien-Shan mountains or the Pamir-Alay mountains. You will never forget your trip to Kyrgyzstan!  READ MORE...    Photos of Kyrgyzstan